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Greenhouse Cover

Greenhouse-based gardening is a popular choice for people that are really ready to get serious about their gardening efforts. A well constructed greenhouse can provide numerous hours of relaxation and provide shelter for all sorts of plants.

If you want to build a little produce-bearing garden, a greenhouse is definitely the way to go. If there was one component that can determine your success as a greenhouse gardener, it is definitely the greenhouse cover. 

 mini greenhouse cover

mini greenhouse covers 

 greenhouse covers

There are many purposes behind a good greenhouse cover. This gardening staple determines how much light your plants receive, and protects your garden from the elements. The covering you choose in the long run will determine the ease of maintenance you will experience with your garden, as well as the overall appearance. If you've never purchased a greenhouse cover before, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, the largest factor when it comes to getting the best greenhouse cover possible is the material that the cover is made out of. The most common greenhouse covering shown in movies and on TV is a glass greenhouse cover, but is that really the best choice possible? 

 mini greenhouse cover

mini greenhouse covers 

 cover for greenhouse

Glass looks beautiful and is often sought after by new greenhouse gardeners as the standard that other covers should hope to achieve, but in reality, glass is not the best material for a greenhouse cover at all.

Glass is the most fragile of greenhouse covers, which means that it's vulnerable to breaking more than any other material.  Remember that the biggest purpose of the greenhouse covering is to control how much heat is trapped within the structure -- one of the main reasons why a greenhouse is constructed in the first place.

In terms of repair and replacement, glass is one of the most difficult greenhouse cover materials to replace, since the frame that makes up the greenhouse must be reinforced as well.

 greenhouse coverings

 greenhouse cover

greenhouse covering 

In other words, if a neighbor's child damages one of the glass panels of your greenhouse, you will spend a great amount of time replacing the broken glass. If you do have your heart set on the traditional look of glass, it may be better to have a professional contractor install the glass greenhouse cover for you. 

A better option in terms of price, durability, and heat retention is a greenhouse cover made from triple wall polycarbonate. While this is a material type that does have a higher up front cost, it is one of the longest lasting materials you can build your greenhouse covering from.


greenhouse coverings           greenhouse covering


All greenhouse covers do eventually have to be replaced, and one of the biggest benefits of polycarbonate material is that it's easy to replace. In addition, if you ever need to repair a section of the greenhouse cover, polycarbonate is far easier to repair with less effort than other materials.

A greenhouse cover is one of the most important components of a great greenhouse, whether you're working with a commercial-sized structure or a mini greenhouse for personal use.

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